we will talk about Cornelia Sorabji, India first woman lawyer. Cornelia Sorabji was the woman who raised her voice loudly for the rights of women.

If today women are boldly moving ahead in their field, then the credit goes to women like Cornelia Sorabji.

Cornelia Sorabji faced discrimination many times due to being a woman in her life, but she never lost courage and not only fulfilled her dream


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Cornelia Sorabji was born on 15 November 1866 in Nashik, Maharashtra. Cornelia Sorabji’s father’s name was Reverend Sorabji's mother’s name was Francina Ford.

Cornelia Sorabji’s mother had opened a school for girls in Pune. This was a time when people were not serious about women’s education.

Earlier people did not send their daughters to study. At that time women were not aware of their rights.

During such times, Cornelia Sorabji has seen her mother Francina Ford fighting for women’s education and rights.

Local women often came to Cornelia Sorabji’s mother to get her opinion on matters related to her property.