I am going to tell you about a Jack Ma biography. Who was not only from a poor family but also struggled even after failing many times in life?

And while creating the history of success, today this person has become the second richest person in Asia.

Jack Ma was very weak in studies and writing, his mind was not even in studies. Nevertheless, he is one of the most successful and richest human beings in the world today.

The heights of success on which this person is today have been possible only because of his own hard work and his incapable of giving up.

Jack Ma was born on October 15, 1964, in a small village “Janjau” in China in a splinter poor family.

Due to good English, finally, in 1988, Jack Ma got a job as an English teacher at a local university in the city on a monthly salary of $ 12.

After this, when he went to the US for the first time in 1995, he heard about the Internet for the first time there.

Jack Ma searched about China, then he could not find any information related to China and China on the Internet.

Jack ma was very disappointed to see this. Then he thought that I would make such a website in which I would keep putting important information about China