Start Animal feed business in 2022, will earn lakhs every month

Animal feed business

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Animal husbandry is done on a large scale in India, in order to increase the milk capacity of the animals, they need to be given nutritious food and cattle feed. . In such a situation, starting an Animal feed business can prove to be very beneficial.

Friends, do you also want to start your own business, then an animal feed business can be the best option for you. So let’s know how to start an animal feed business.

What is the animal feed business?

In this business, protein-rich food is prepared for animals by mixing different types of grains, soya cottonseed, etc. First of all Cattle Feed Business, I am used to collecting different types of raw materials.

And then after processing it, cakes, churi, and mixed food are prepared. In this way, making a profit by preparing Cattle feed and selling it in the market is called the Animal feed business.

Raw material for the animal feed business

In the cuttle feed manufacturing business first of all you will need raw materials like

  • chickpea bran
  • wheat topsoil
  • bran and empty
  • lentil husk
  • Maize
  • rice bran
  • ate
  • kiln stalks
  • good salt

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Where to buy raw materials for animal feed business

Talking about Animal feed business raw materials, you will easily get them in any market.

You can take rice polish, gram, or dal husk from those who are engaged in rice mill or pulse mill. Apart from this, you will find wheat, maize, jaggery, and salt in the nearby market from where you can buy them.

A place for animal feed business

You will need space for the cuttle feed manufacturing business. If you have your own land, then you can set up your unit by starting the construction work there.
But if you do not have your own land then you can start an Animal feed industry even by renting a building.

And talking about the suitable place for the animal feed business, it depends on you how you want to start it. If you are starting this on a large scale then obviously you will need more space. And starting on a small scale will require less space.

But keep one thing in mind, whether you are starting this business on a large scale or on a small scale, you must have at least 800 to 1200 square feet of space to start this business.

Machines and equipment for the animal feed business

Some machines and equipment are required for the cuttle feed business. Which is as follows.

  • feed grinder machine
  • Cattle Feed Machine
  • mixer machine (for mixing)
  • Weight Machine

cost in the animal feed business

Talking about the cost in the cuttle feed business plan, then you need 3 to 4 lakh rupees to start an Animal feed industry at least by including the above-mentioned machines, raw material, space to start a business, etc. can.
Apart from this, if you want to start it on a large scale, then you may need 7 to 10 lakh rupees for that.

License for Cattle Feed Business

Some licenses will also be required for the Animal feed business. First of all, you have to get a license from Animal Husbandry Department. After that, the food item will have to get an FSSAI license and also do GST registration of your business and MSME Udyog Aadhar registration. Apart from this, a trade license and NOC will also have to be taken.

If you are starting an Animal feed business as a brand then you will also have to get a BIS certificate for that.

an employee for animal feed business

You may need two or three employees to manage all the machines in the animal feed business. Apart from this, if you are starting it on a large scale, then you may need 4 to 5 employees for that.

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loan for animal feed business

Friends, if you do not have money to start an Animal feed business, then you can also start it by taking a loan. Under the Mudra loan scheme run by the government, you can take a loan from any bank.
For this, you can make a report of your business and apply for a loan in your nearest bank by collecting the necessary documents Aadhar card, PAN card, password photo, resident proof, income certificate, business address proof, etc. Apart from this, if you want any information related to the loan, then you can contact the bank.

animal feed recipe

If you are starting a Cattle feed business, then you should also know the method of making animal feed, only then you will be able to make a postic animal feed.

To make Cattle feed, first, the raw material is mixed well by putting it in the mixer machine. After mixing, it is put in the grinder machine for fine grinding. After grinding the material finely, it is taken out and kept in a big vessel. Now after putting that raw material in the hopper of the Cattle Feed Machine, the machine is turned on. This machine automatically prepares and removes animal feed.

When the Cattle feed is completely ready, after that it is sent to the laboratory to check whether it has been produced according to the Bureau of Indian Standard or not. And then only after passing the test, the animal feed is sent to be sold in the market.

Animal feed weighing and packaging

After preparing the cattle feed, your next task is the packaging. You also have to do its packaging well. But before packaging, it is weighed by the weighing machine according to different measurements and then the animal feed is filled in the Jesus bag, it is weighed. And finally, that bag is sealed with a sealing machine and sent to sell it in the market.

where to sell animal feed

Friends, a question must have come to your mind after making animal feed, where is it to be sold. So let us tell you that you can sell to dairy farm businesses around you. But if you live in the village then it is good. Because most of the milk animals are reared in the village itself. In the village, you will find many people who raise animals for milk. You can sell your animal feed to them by talking to them. Apart from this, you can also sell Cattle feed to the shopkeepers in the market at a wholesale rate.

If you want, you can also sell your Cattle feed online by making your own website. The advantage of creating a website is that you can sell all your animal feed sitting at your home.
For this, first of all, you must have a website. Which you can get made by contacting the developer. And then you can sell your product by listing it on it.


Which raw material is needed for the animal feed business?

For animal feed, raw materials like gram husk, wheat bran, bran and Khali, lentil husk, maize, rice bran, Khali, kiln stalks, good salt, etc. are required.

Which machines are needed for the animal feed business?

• feed grinder machine
• Cattle Feed Machine
• mixer machine
• Weight Machine

Which license is required for the animal feed business?

• License from Animal Husbandry Department
• Foods FSSAI License
• GST Registration of Business
• MSME Udyog Aadhaar Registration
• Trade license and NOC will also have to be taken

Can I get a loan for the animal feed business?

Yes, you can take a loan from the bank for the animal feed business.

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