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You can earn very good profits by starting pearl farming business ie pearl farming. You can do this business like other business like fish farming business. Because in the way fish farming business requires pond etc.

Similarly, in pearl farming business also you will need a pond etc. You have to take training to start this business. Because without training this business cannot be done. That’s why you have to get the knowledge of modern technology to start this business. Which is possible only through training.
If you want to get information about how to cultivate pearls, then stay with us till the end. Today we will try to give you complete information about the pearl business through this article.

What is pearl farming?

Pearl is a natural rattan. Which are obtained from organisms living underwater. A fine pearl is perfectly round and smooth. But in today’s time, pearls of many other sizes are also found. That is why pearls are mainly divided into two parts, first is natural and second is artificial,
Natural or natural pearls, those pearls come from the forests and artificial ones include those pearls, which are produced by farming.

how to cultivate pearls

The right time to cultivate pearls is considered to be from October to December.

  • To cultivate pearls, you first have to take training.
  • For pearl cultivation, you have to build a pond.
  • After that clean water will have to be filled in the pond.
  • You have to choose oysters carefully, no oysters are dead and all oysters are adults.
  • Now after doing oyster surgery, they have to be put in water.
  • It may take about two and a half to three years for the pearls to be ready.
  • In this way you can cultivate pearls.

pearls farming training

First of all you will need to take training for pearl farming. This business cannot be started without technical knowledge. For the training of this business, you have to know who is already doing this business in your area. If any person is doing this business in your area, then you can get complete information about it from that person. But if you don’t find such a person. If you do pearl business, then you have to contact Krishi Vigyan Kendra or Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Pearl farming training is done by these institutions.

pearls farming business place

You will need a place to cultivate pearls. While choosing a place, you have to keep some of the following things in mind.

  • Choose the place for pearl cultivation in an open place.
  • When choosing the place, check whether there is a sufficient amount of water or not, because the cultivation of pearls requires maximum water.
  • Apart from this, the location should be permanent because once the form is created, it cannot be changed again and again. Therefore, you have to choose such a place which is permanent, there is no need to change it again and again.
  • Apart from this, that place should be suitable for pearls farming business.
  • Keeping some things in mind on this site, you can choose the place.

Build a form for pearl farming business

To start this business, you have to build a pond. You can make this pond as per your requirement. In which you can easily cultivate pearls by putting the sip, apart from this you will need to make a thatch to do surgery etc. In addition to the pond and thatch, you will need to set up a culture unit.
While constructing the farm, you have to keep in mind that the form should be made in such a way that there is no fear of theft, dacoity etc.

oyster storage

After creating the form your next step will be to collect the SIP. You have to collect at least 1000 oysters.
You can collect the ships by catching them from the river, pond, lake etc., or you can also buy oysters. To buy, you have to research in the market around you, where oysters are found.
If you are buying a ship from the market, then you have to choose the oyster very carefully, keeping in mind that the oysters are not dead and all adults.

Best time for pearl farming

The demand for pearls is very high in the domestic market as well as in the international market. Due to high profits in pearl cultivation, farmers have started taking interest in it and have started cultivating it. If it is cultivated with scientific training, then good quality pearl can be cultivated, and by selling it in the market. Good profits can be made.

The best time for pearl cultivation is autumn i.e. from October- to December. You need a pond for farming. Pearl farming is done through oysters in the pond. It has been believed through a report that DD farmers can give shape, color and form to such pearls as per our wish, and it is not possible to do this in natural pearls.

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pearl production process

Now you have to know the process of producing pearls from oysters. Because without information you cannot produce pearls.
The process of producing pearls from oysters is explained in the following points simply.

  • After collecting the oysters, the process of its surgery has to be started. Before doing oyster surgery, it has to be kept in the pond for 10 to 15 days. Because when you collect oysters from different places, they come out of the water of different environments. That is why keeping them for 10 to 15 days becomes suitable for the water of your area. Nevertheless, some oysters also become dead while removing them, which are not able to adapt to the water environment. It is also easy to do their surgery after so many days because these oysters become loose.
  • Now you have to do SIP surgery. For this, you will not have to take the oyster out of the water and open the mouth of the oyster with a sharp weapon. Keep in mind that you have to open the mouth of the oyster only up to 8 cm, opening more than this can lead to the death of the oyster.
  • After opening the mouth of the oyster, a pocket is made by making a small cut in its cell. In which the bead can be inserted, the bead has to be carefully inserted in the pocket and care has to be taken that it touches the outer part of the oyster. Now its mouth is closed and it is kept for 10 to 12 days for antibiotic treatment. Apart from this, natural food is also given to them. Now they have to check daily whether the oyster is safe or not, if any oyster dies, then it is removed separately. Now it is kept in a nylon bag, 2 oysters are kept per bag.
  • And they are hung in the pond through bamboo poles or PVC pipes. After that you will have to inspect the oysters periodically and clean the nylon bags every 12 to 20 months.
  • In this way, you can produce pearls from oysters in two to two and a half years.

Where to sell pearls

It is very easy to sell pearls. Because the demand for pearls is very high. That’s why it can be sold easily. Advance money is also given by the trader to the farmer cultivating pearls and if the farmer wants, then he can cultivate it like contract farming. Even if you want to take its production by cultivating it yourself, you can still earn a good profit by selling it.

To sell it, you can directly contact with different merchants and sell according to your prices. Or you can also sell pearls by creating your own website.
In this way you can sell pearls very easily.

Things to note in pearl farming business

To start this business, the following things have to be kept in mind.

  • If you want to earn successfully from pearl business then it may take you a long time.
  • Even it may take 2 or 3 years, so to start this business, not only money but also hard work is required. For this, you need to be patient, for the first time pearls are produced in 2 to 3 years.
  • This is the reason why a person has to spend a lot of time and money to do this type of business. One has to keep in mind that to make the business successful, good quality pearls have to be produced and they have to be looked after by hair.
  • For this business, you will need to take high training from which you can get modern technical knowledge.

pearl farming business cost

Talking about the cost in this business, you can do this business from the 2nd day, first is at small level and second is at large level,

  • If you want to start it on a small scale, then you will need a small pond or a water tank. In which you can produce pearls by putting oysters. You cannot produce much by starting on a small scale. Because your pond is small, more oysters cannot be put in it.
  • To start a small scale business, you will need 1 to 1.5 lakh rupees.
  • But if you want to start this business on a large scale, then you will need about 4 to 7 lakh rupees in it. If started on a large scale, more quantity of oysters can be produced and more profits can be earned.
  • But for this you will need a big pond and make a thatch for which you will need more capital.

pearl farming business profit

You can earn a lot of profit in this business. If you produce good quality pearls, which are completely round in appearance and are smooth. Whose demand is very high in the market. So you can earn 40 to 60% Umafa from this business.


What is pearl farming business?

This is a business in which pearls are produced by oysters, this process is called pearl farming business.

How much will it cost to start a pearl farming business?

One to one and a half lakh rupees will be required to start on a small scale.
And to start on a large scale, 4 to 7 lakh rupees will be needed.

Where to sell pearls?

You can sell pearls by contacting them with jewelers or you can also sell pearls by creating your own website.

Where are oysters found?

You can catch oysters from a river, pond, lake, etc.

How much profit can be made in pearl farming business?

You can earn 40 to 60% profit in this business.

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