kulhad making business- How to start a business of making kulhad

kulhad making business – In our country, pottery made of clay is being used since ancient times. Earlier people used earthen pots for their daily use. But as technology progressed, so did people stop using earthen pots. In its place, people started using plastic, glass, and still which are harmful to our body.

But as soon as people came to know that its use is proving to be harmful to our body. So he has again started using earthen pots in his homes. It is said that cooking food in an earthen pot does not reduce its nutritional content in it and the food made from a clay pot is also delicious. That is why the government is also encouraging people to use earthen utensils.

Let us know about the business of making clay pots through this article.

kulhad making business

What is the business of kulhad making

The business of clay ax is one such business. Inside with the help of clay different sizes of kulhad are made and sold in the market. Which we can also call the business of making kulhad. Kulhad is used for drinking tea, coffee, milk, lassi, etc. It is said that the use of earthen pots is beneficial for our body.

Demand for kulhad business

Ever since the government banned plastic, the demand for kulhad has increased a lot. Because plastic is such a material that never gets destroyed and it reflects our environment. For this reason, nowadays you must have seen that in restaurants, cafes, hotels, tea stalls, juice centers, etc., kulhad is being used for drinking tea, coffee, milk, lassi, etc. The demand for kulhad is going to increase in the coming times as it is one-time use. That is to say, once tea or coffee is drunk in the kulhad, it is thrown away. It cannot be used back. For this reason, the demand for Kulhad is increasing day by day.

If the entrepreneur starts kulhad making business then this business can prove to be very good for him. Let us know how kulhad business can be started.

How to start kulhad making business

The special thing about this business is that even a less educated person can start a business very easily.
If the entrepreneur wants to start the business of making Kulhad, then by following the steps given below, he can start a business making Kulhad.
Let us know what are the things we need to start the business of making kulhad.

A place for business of making kulhad

The entrepreneur will need space in kulhad business. For this, he will not need to take place at any particular place. But you will need open space in kulhad making business. Because after making kulhads, they will need open space to dry them. Where the light of light can reach the Kulhad, so that the Kulhad dries up quickly and is ready to be sold in the market.
Therefore, the entrepreneur has to choose the open space according to his need. Where Kulhad can be kept comfortably.

Different sizes of kulhad

Small and big kulhads of different sizes are found in the market. which are used in different ways. Like small-sized kulhads are used for drinking tea and coffee and large-sized kulhad’s are used for drinking milk and lassi. Therefore the entrepreneur will need to make different types of coolers. Mostly small-sized kulhad’s are used more. That’s why you also have to make smaller-sized kulhad’s in more quantity.

Raw material for making kulhad

To make kulhad, the entrepreneur will first need good quality clay. This soil can be found by the entrepreneur around the areas like rivers, pond, lakes.
Apart from this, the entrepreneur will need molds for different sizes of kulhad, which will be easily available in any market.

After that, the entrepreneur will have to build a large sized furnace to cook the kulhad. In after finalizing the kulhad, it is left to cook.

Machine required for making kulhad

For making kulhad, the entrepreneur will need a kulhad making machine. Let us tell you that there are many different sizes of big and small machines available in the market. Which you can buy at a very low price. The entrepreneur can choose the machine according to his budget and buy it from the market around him or if he wants, he can also buy it online.

Process of making kulhad

The process of making kulhad is very easy, by reading any person can easily make kulhad. Let us know how Kulhads are made.

  • First of all the entrepreneur has to arrange good quality soil.
  • After getting the soil, it has to be ground finely like wheat flour. You can take the help of a machine to grind the soil. When the soil starts looking completely like wheat flour, then it has to be left open.
  • For making kulhad we will need a machine and some molds.
  • Now the soil has to be kneaded well with the help of water. Then put that clay in the mold and give it shape with the help of a machine. But remember, before pouring clay into the mould, oil or powder has to be poured inside the mould.
  • So that the ax can be easily taken out from the mould.
  • After shaping the kulhad, it has to be kept in the sun to dry thoroughly. For finalizing the kulhad, the entrepreneur will need a kiln. Which has to be constructed by the entrepreneur himself. He can build the furnace according to his need.
  • Now a wooden barrel will be needed to run the furnace. You can easily find this bad at any furniture or woodworking shop. Now put that bad in the furnace and burn it.
  • After burning the kiln, put the dried kulhad in it for cooking. After the color of the kulhad has completely changed, it must be removed from the furnace.
  • Now your Kulhad is completely ready to sell in the market.

packaging of kulhad

If the entrepreneur wants to start kulhad making business on a large scale, then packaging it is very important. Because if started on a large scale, he will have to transport his goods far and wide. For which he will have to pack the kulhad well. So that the ax does not break.
But if the entrepreneur starts the kulhad business on a small scale, then he will be able to extract less production of kulhad which he can sell in the market around him and he will not even need to do any special packaging for this.

The required license in kulhad making business

To start any business, it is very important to give it a legal form. So that future legal action can be avoided. Therefore, the entrepreneur will also need to take a license for the business of making kulhad. In which the entrepreneur will first have to take a trend license.
After this, your business will also have to be registered under MSME. In which the entrepreneur can also get some profit from starting the business.

Apart from this, if the entrepreneur wants to start it on a large scale, whose annual turnover is above 25 lakhs, then he will also have to get GST registration done.

Benefits business of making kulhad

The government of our country is insisting to use pottery made of earthenware. Because the utensils made of plastic are having a bad effect on our body and environment. That is why the government has started the Kubhar Saktikaran Yojana for potters. Inside this, electronic chalk is distributed to all those who do potter’s work. The government claims that pottery will be bought from potters at good prices. Therefore, doing business in pottery can prove to be very beneficial in today’s time.

kulhad making business cost

This type of business can be started at a very low cost. For which the entrepreneur will need 35 to 50 thousand rupees. This investment will have to be done by the entrepreneur only once in which he has to buy a machine and some molds in the beginning.
After that, the entrepreneur will need only soil in the form of raw material. Which will be available at low cost or for free.

Where to sell Kulhad

Now this question must have come to your mind that we will make Kulhad. But where are they restless, then let us tell you that you can sell Kulhad in the beginning by contacting your city cafe, chai tapri, restaurant, hotel, mole, etc.
But the entrepreneur has to keep one thing in mind only those in cafes, chai tapri, and restaurants, will buy kulhad from you. When you will provide them Kulhad at cheap price.

For this, the entrepreneur will have to find his competitor and see at what rate he is selling Kulhad and then you will have to sell Kulhad for less than that. Only then will you be able to sell more and more kulhads.
Apart from this, if you want, you can sell Kullad in bulk online on the IndiaMART website.

kulhad is making business profit

The more kulhads sold in kulhad business, the more profit can be earned. That is why you have to pay more attention to selling Kulhad.
Talking about the profit in the business of Kulhad, it depends on the size of the Kulhad. Since it is used for many beverages, the purchase of kulhad is above the size.
If we estimate sales as hundreds

Tea and coffee kulhads are sold for Rs 50 a hundred and lassi kulhads are sold for around ₹ 100 hundred and milk kulhad’s are sold for around ₹ 150 hundred.

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