How To Start Wedding Planning Business

Wedding planning business: In today’s time, it is proving to be a very popular business. Simple wedding planning is done in the wedding planner business. This business is a business related to event management. We mean to say that an event management person does the work of wedding planning etc.

Simple marriage is given a lot of importance in our country. People celebrate their children with great pomp. In such a situation, some people of that family are not able to enjoy the wedding because they are sometimes engaged in the kitchen, sometimes with tents, sometimes with bands, sometimes with flowers, sometimes in light decoration, sometimes in hospitality, due to which they People are not able to enjoy marriage. This problem with the logo is solved by the wedding planner. In this, after planning by the members of the house, the wedding planner is told in advance what kind of arrangement they want in the marriage. After that, the work of making all the arrangements for that marriage becomes the work of the wedding planner. In return, he is given money.

Similarly, you can also start a wedding planning business.
In today’s time, the demand for this business is increasing day by day. Due to this starting, this business can prove to be good employment for you. Because, just as there is a need for tents, band people, and pandit ji in a marriage, similarly the need for a wedding planner will become necessary in the coming times.

Therefore, the demand for wedding planner business will continue to increase in the coming times. If you want to start this business in today’s time, then this is an opportunity for you.

How To Start Wedding Planning Business

What is wedding planning?

As we told you above, a wedding planner is the one by whom the work of planning, organizing, and managing people’s weddings is done. As we all know in our country, marriage is one of the happiness of a person’s life. But it can also be stressful for the family members.
Because they have a lot of worries in marriage. For example, the worry of arranging for tents, light decoration, and band side would have remained. Due to this, he is not able to enjoy the marriage in his house. To overcome these concerns, people appoint wedding planners for their weddings.

wedding planning requirements

In our country, you must have seen that when a marriage takes place in a house, then all the members of that house are very busy arranging the marriage and their chain disappears till the marriage is not settled properly. Because friends, everyone wants that the marriage at their house should be handled well and the guest coming to their house should not face any problems. That is why the people of that family are mostly left with arranging the guests coming to the weddings. Every moment, they are worried about the fact that there should not be any lack of hospitality. To solve such problems, nowadays people appoint a wedding planner. So that there is no worry about marriage in his mind and he can comfortably enjoy the marriage with his family.

how to start a wedding planning business

To start a wedding planning business, it is very important for you to have a creative mindset. Because in this business it is necessary to come up with new creative ideas in your mind. Only then will you be able to run the wedding planner business successfully.

Before starting a wedding planning business, you have to keep in mind that the wedding planning business can be done in big city or city at present. Because most of the people with money live in the city or city, who spend more money on this kind of work. That’s why you have to start this business in the market or city itself. Because even today the score of this business is not that much in the village. But in the coming time people will appoint wedding planners in the village also. But according to the present time, you should do wedding planning in the business city or city itself. Let us know how to start a wedding planning business.

Gain training or experience in wedding planning business

It is very important to take training or experience before starting a wedding planning business.
If the entrepreneur takes a course in the wedding planning business, then it will be very easy for him to start this business.
Now this question must have come to your mind that from where we can do the course of wedding planning business, then we have told about some institutes in the following points below. From where the entrepreneur can easily do this course.
As Branch-

  • Kochi Bengaluru, Hyderabad
  • Amity Institute of Event Management, Delhi
  • International Institute of Management, Mumbai
  • Event Management Institute Mumbai

Entrepreneurs can do a wedding planning course from any of these institutes. But if the entrepreneur does not want to do the course, then he can take part in the training program in the small-scale industry and get information about wedding planning.

And then to get experience, one can work in an event company or a wedding planning company. So that she can get complete information about wedding planning.
When the entrepreneur comes to know about what things he will need to start this business and what are the challenges he may have to face in this business and what he has to do to deal with these challenges. will have to do. Then they can proceed to start the wedding planning business.

Wedding planning business for plan

After taking the training or experience in the wedding planning business, your next step should be to plan the wedding planner business. This is a document which is also called in the road of business.
For making a plan, the entrepreneur has to keep the following points in mind.

  • First of all, the entrepreneur has to find out whether he wants to start the wedding planner business from home or by establishing an office.
  • After that, it is also to be known how much will this business cost.
  • How to build a team for this business, which people will have to be associated with them.
  • How much profit can be earned in the wedding planner business?
  • For business from which license will have to be taken.
  • In this way, keeping the following points in mind, you have to plan your business.

Select the location to open the office

After planning our next step should be to choose the place for the office. If you want, you can start this business from your home also. But if the bill will be demanded by the customer, then you will not be able to give the bill to him. To deal with this situation, we will need an office. So that customers can come to your office and contact you.
You will need a place to open an office, for this you can choose the place anywhere where the rent is less.

The required license in the wedding planning business

By the way, no special license is required for the wedding planning business. But if you want to give it the form of an organization then you may have to take some licenses.

  • Search the name of your business and get it registered.
  • Register as a partnership or one-person company.
  • GST registration has to be done.
  • Apart from this, it is necessary to have a bank account in the name of the person who is starting this business.
  • A trade license has to be obtained from the local authority.
  • Industry registration has to be done.

Build team for wedding planning business

A wedding planning business cannot be started by a single person. For this, he has to prepare a team so that all the work done in the wedding planning business can be easily managed. Because professional people mostly entrust all the work of weddings like preparing the kitchen, hosting guests, arranging DJ, band, dhol, light decoration, tent, photography, etc. to the wedding planner.

That’s why it is important to build a team. For this, you have to contact the DJ, Band Wale, Dhol Wale, Tent Wale, Photographer Wale, Light Decoration Wale, etc. of your surrounding area and talk about how much commission he will get if he gives work by making him a part of his team. Have to talk about this in advance.

Create business website

In today’s time, it has become very important to take your business online. Because most people find this kind of service provider online only. That is why it is very important for you to create a website in the name of your business and it should have complete information about all the services provided by you. So that the customer can know what facilities he can get if he contacts you.
To create a website, you can take the help of a web developer or if you know how to make a website, then you can also make your own business website with the help of WordPress. Apart from this, make sure to create a page of your business on social media so that you can easily market your business.

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marketing in the wedding planning business

After creating a website, your next step should be to do marketing. To do marketing, you can follow both the methods online by doing offline like:
Offline: You can get your wedding planner business posters or pamphlets made and distributed. But remember that the name of your business website must be there in that poster pamphlet. so that people can get complete information about you

Online: In this, you can market your business on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, etc. And definitely put the link to your business in the bio of your social media account. So that whenever people visit your social media profile. So they should see that link. So that he can go to your website and know about the service provided by you.

Creativity in the wedding planning business

It is very important for the entrepreneur to have a creative mindset to be successful in the wedding planning business. Because this is such a business. In which there is always a need to do something new. That is why the entrepreneur should always try to try it by thinking of a new idea.
Because nowadays the presentation is being given to the customers in 3D through wedding planning. In which the customers are already being told what kind of decoration will be in the wedding and how it will look.


How to start a wedding planning business?

make a business plan
• Build a team for a waiting planning business
• Marketing the business
• Get Licensed and Registered

How many hours does a wedding planner have to work?

There is no time limit for a wedding planner. If the work is more then he may have to work even 24 hours.

How to do an event management course?

If you want to do a bachelor’s degree or diploma in event management then you can do an event management course after the 12th, master’s in event management or PG diploma in event management, MBA in event management is a must have graduate. The duration of a Bachelor’s degree is 3 years, a Diploma is 2 years, Master’s degree is 2 years.

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