How to a start marble and tiles business Full Information 2022

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With the increasing population, the work of construction of houses is also going on very fast. People definitely use tiles and marble to build their house. In such a situation, if a person is thinking of doing business of tiles and marble shop, then this business can prove to be very profitable for him.

The person who wants to start the business of tiles and marble shop. Or is thinking about it, then he must read the article written by us. So that he can get complete information about the business of tiles and marble, let us know how to start the business of tiles.

how to a start marble and tiles business

Marble tiles business demand

Friends, you must have seen that the house of some person keeps on being built every day, some person builds his new house, then someone breaks his old house and builds a new house. As people become capable, they build houses according to their needs. But in today’s generation, tiles & marble are definitely used in all the houses that are being built.

Tiles and marble are not only used in homes. Rather, it is also used in college construction, hospital construction, construction of big malls, office construction etc. This clearly shows that the demand for tiles and marble is increasing very fast. And by doing this business, very good profits can be earned.

Local-level research of marble and tiles business

As we have seen the demand for tiles & marble business is very high in the market. But it is not that the demand for the business of tiles and marble will remain high everywhere. You have to see where you want to start this business. Is there really a demand for tiles and marble business there or not. Mostly you should start this business in the city as compared to the village.

Because there are more capable people in the city. Those who build their big houses, moles, hospitals. In which tiles and marble are used a lot. Apart from this, the villages around it can also be covered if this business is started in the city. Because the people of the village also mostly come to the market to buy items like tiles. That’s why you start in the city or city around you.

how to start marble and tiles business

Here we are not talking about the manufacturers of tiles. This article is for those who want to open a tile shop or its showroom. To open a tile shop, you have to follow the following steps. which has been described in detail.

Tiles and marble shop

First of all we have to select the place for tiles & marble business. Let us tell you that a little big space is required for this business. That is why you should choose a large place for a tile shop or showroom. Or if your budget is more, then you should also arrange a godown with the shop for this.

But the choice of place is to be done in such a place where big vehicles can easily come. Because it is such a thing that is bought together in more quantity. Which requires a bigger vehicle. And you will also need a bigger vehicle to buy it from the company. That is why you should choose the place for your shop or showroom on the road outside the market instead of the main market.

Select supplier for tiles business

After selecting the place, you have to select the supplier to buy the goods. You can contact such person to locate the supplier. Who already does the business of tiles. Or if you want, you can also work here for a couple of months. By which you will get complete information. But remember, you will also find many people who will go to get information, then they will not tell you.

That’s why you can look for such big showrooms. Where the trade of tiles and marble should be done on a large scale. There you can gather all the information by working for 5 to 6 months. Due to which you will get a lot of experience about the marble and tiles business.

Investing in the business of tiles and marbles

Talking about the cost in the business of tiles and marble, it depends on you at which level you want to start this business. If you want to start it on a small scale, then you will have to invest 5 to 6 lakh rupees for this.

But if you want to start it by opening a showroom on a large scale. So for this you may need 15 to 20 lakh rupees. In this way you can invest in marble and tiles business according to your budget.

Marketing of marble and tiles business

After starting the business of tiles, marketing it is very important. Because in the beginning people do not know about your business. Marketing to them is essential. Therefore, in the beginning, you can promote your business by making your dealings with all the contractors, property dealers, repairmen, plumbers, carpenters etc. of your area by paying them a little commission.

But remember that you should maintain more contact with big masons or contractors. Because they can sell your product more and more. Apart from this, if you want, you can go to a place where construction work is going on, there you can contact that person and tell them about your business. If you give him a good deal, he will definitely contact you. In this way, you can market your marble and tiles business.

Employed for marble and tiles business

Employers will not be required to start the business of marble and tiles business on a small scale. You can also run it alone. But if you want to start it as a showroom on a large scale. So for this, you will need 2 or 3 employees. Which can easily tear the tiles and marbles to the customer.
Apart from this, you can also hire a manager according to your need.

Loan for Business of Tiles and Marbles

If you do not have money to start a tile business, then there is nothing to worry about. Because at present, the Government of India has run Mudra Loan Scheme to provide employment to the youth. In which order has been issued by the government to all the banks.

That if a person wants to take a loan to start his own business, then he should be given the loan immediately so that he can start his own business and support his family. Therefore, if you want to take a loan for your business, then you can contact your nearest bank.

marble business profit

You can earn very good profits in the business of tiles and marble. Even though the commission is less in this business. But tiles and marble are bought together in more quantity. Due to this more profit can be earned in it.

Because in the construction of any house, office, or hospital one or two box tiles are not required. Rather, goods go there from wholesale, in which profits are also very good.
You can earn around 5% to 15% profit in the business of tiles and marbles. Now it is up to you how much you can sell, the more goods you sell, the more profit you can earn.

Things to keep in mind in the business of tiles and marbles

In this business you have to keep some things in mind like

  • You have to be very careful in moving the tiles and marbles. Because tiles are very delicate. Due to which it can break in the slightest scratch. That is why take care to bring tiles and marbles.
  • Treat customers politely and try to add more and more customers. Because the more people you keep in touch with, the more you can earn profits.
  • In the beginning, you will have to provide goods at a lower price than your competitor. Then people will come to your shop.
  • If a person buys more goods than you, then you can also give him the facility of home delivery. By doing this a good relationship will be maintained between you and the customers. If that person likes the facility you have given, then he will tell four more people. On this side your business will start running slowly and then you can earn very good profits from it.

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How much investment will be required to start marble and tiles business?

To start on a small scale, an investment of 5 to 6 lakhs will have to be made. And to start on a large scale, 15 to 20 lakh rupees may be required.

Are employees required in the business of tiles and marbles?

Yes, if it is started on a large scale, then one or two employees are required.

How much profit can be made in the tiles and marble business?

A profit of 5% to 15% can be earned from this business.

Where should I start the business of tiles and marble?

This business should be started in large areas or cities. Because more construction work goes on there. Due to this the chances of running the business increase.

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