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Dog Breeding business – Are you looking for a business that you can start from your home, then the dog breeding business can prove to be a very good business for you. Dog business can be done even by staying in the village. Even this can be done well due to more space in the village. Because due to the open space in the village, the dog gets a good place to roam.

Are you the kind of person who is very fond of keeping a dog? Then this business can prove to be very good for you. With which you can do business along with your hobbies sitting at home comfortably. So let us know how the dog breeding business can be started.

What is the dog breeding business?

In the dog business, earning money by raising different species of dogs, getting them bred, and selling their children in the market is called the dog farming business.
Dog farming business can also be done as a side business. That is, you can do this business even while doing your other work.

Good type in dog breeding business

Before starting a dog breeder business, it is necessary to have information about the species of dog. Because dogs are also of many different types. Out of which we are telling you the information of some special species of dogs. By adopting this you can earn good profit in this business.

German Shepard: The German Shepard dog is the most commonly found dog in India, and it is an easily available dog species. Dogs of this breed are courageous, intelligent, and always alert dogs. Apart from this, the dog of this breed is used more from the point of view of security. Because its hearing capacity is higher than that of other dogs. Dogs of this breed are known by many different names in other countries.

Labrador: Labrador is one of the most liked species by the people in India. These types of dogs are very friendly type, and they can be trained very easily. Dogs of this type of species put themselves very easily in any environment. And there is no need to spend much money to raise them. Therefore, dogs of this species prove to be very beneficial for business.

Pug: The dogs of this breed are very beautiful due to being small and fat in size. This type of dog is kept more by people living in apartments or living in society. Apart from this, the person who got the dog for the first time also keeps this dog. Why such dogs can be easily reared due to being the ideal breed.

Indian Spitz: Many people get confused between Indian Spitz and Pomeranian. Because it looks somewhat similar. But these two are different types of dogs. pomeranian dog,
Indian Spitz is smaller in stature, less weight, and taller than the dog.

Start this business by investing only 8 thousand rupees

Doberman: The dog of this species is most commonly used by army men and police. These dogs are very intelligent adventurers. Apart from this, these dogs easily get into any environment. Dogs of the Doberman breed are also preferred as Indian pet dogs.

Dalmatian: This type of dog loves its owner very much. These dogs are of athlete type. Which is also kept to guard the house. But dogs of this species can live their life only in hot weather. These dogs cannot survive in cold climates.

Pariah: If you are fond of keeping dogs, then Pariah dog is the best option for you. Such dogs are very easy to find. And elsewhere these dogs are also available for free. This type of breed dog is more suitable for the Indian environment. Which adjusts easily to any climate.
Pariah breed dogs are also very loyal.

Dachshund: This dog was first bred to hunt small animals like rabbits, and cats. But in today’s time, it is being used as a pet dog. These dogs are very courageous, energetic, and healthy.

Dog farming business in demand

In today’s era, dogs are kept in most the homes in India. Apart from this, many people keep dogs for guarding at different places in Khelian Bagh, Garden, Godown, and also in cities.
Apart from this, special dogs are also used by various departments like Policemen, CID, Special Forces, etc. This shows that the demand for dogs is very high. If you start this dog breeding business then you can earn very good profits.

Dog business in research

We have been told that the demand for dogs in the market is very high. But still, you should do research once in the field of your level. By which you will be completely sure whether there is a demand for dogs in your area or not. and if there is demand then how much
Then you have to make the decision accordingly, if the demand is very high then you can start it at the big level otherwise you can start it at the small level also.

Dog farming business planning

After researching the dog breeding business, if it is found that the demand for dogs is high in your area, then you can take the next step. That is, you can plan a dog farming business.
The following points have to be kept in mind while doing business planning.

  • First of all, you have to choose a place where you can keep the dog comfortably.
  • After that, a license will be required for the dog business.
  • The dog’s breeding process has to be learned and the newborn babies will have to be well maintained.
  • Marketing the business will have to be done to sell the dog.
  • You will need money to start a dog business.

Dog breeding business place

You will need a place to start a dog business. You have to select the place in the open space. So that dogs can be kept easily. If you are starting a dog business on a large scale. You can also make a big form for this. In which dogs of all species can be kept. But if you want to start on a small scale, then you have to look for such a place in your home where you can keep a dog.

As far as possible, choose an open place to raise the dog because dogs make a lot of noise. Due to this, the people living around you can get into trouble. Therefore, if you have open space, then start a dog breeding business by getting a farm made according to your business there.

Where to buy a dog to start a dog farming business

To start dog farming you will need a dog. To buy a dog, you have to contact a dealer who is already doing dog business. You can buy dogs of different species by taking complete information from them.

Training in the dog breeding business

If you want to take it as a full-time career then you have to take training for it. Since dogs are of different species, you may have to face difficulties in handling all the dogs. Therefore, before starting the dog business, definitely take its training. To take training, you have to find and contact such a trader who does dog business for a long time. If you find such a trader, then you can contact them and get information about different types of dogs.

Breeding information for male and female dogs

While doing breeding males and females, you have to keep some things in mind so that there is no harm to the animals.

Following conditions for breeding female dogs

  • Only those female dogs who have crossed the age of 18 months are suitable for breeding. It is not right to breed a dog younger than this.
  • These dogs should be shown to a veterinarian 10 days before breeding. So that it can be known whether this dog is ready for breeding or not.
  • No female dog can breed more than once in a year and any female dog can breed only 5 times in life. It cannot be forced to breed more than this.

Prerequisites for breeding male dogs

  • Use the male dog for breeding only after 18 months of his age. The health of the dog must be mature for breeding.
  • Get the male dog trained by a veterinarian 10 days before breeding. in order to verify his health.

Required license in dog breeding business

If you breed three breeds of dogs in 1 year and sell them in that market, then you will need to get a license for that.

  • To start a dog breeding business, first, you have to get a dog breeding license. For which you will have to apply online and then the inspection will be done here. Only after this, you will be given this license.
  • After that, you will have to take permission from the local authority.
  • Apart from this, after registering the business, the tin number will have to be taken.
  • A dog Breeding License is valid only for 1 year, it has to be renewed every year.

Dog farming business cost

If we talk about the cost of the dog farming business, then it depends on you that you want to start the dog business.
If you want to do this on a large scale, then you will need to invest more. In which you will need three to four lakh rupees including all the expenses.
and that’s what you want to start at a small level then you
Less cost means you will not need to make a form. Small-scale businesses can also be started from home. In which you will need at least 50 to 60 thousand rupees.

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Risk in dog farming business

You may have to face some challenges in the dog business. Which is as follows.

  • The biggest challenge in the dog farming business is that any female dog can be breeding only 5 times in her life. After that, it has to be nurtured by yourself.
  • The health of the dog must be taken care of because it is not possible to breed an unhealthy dog.
  • It must be kept in mind that dogs of the same family should not be bred among themselves.

Dog breeding business marketing

Marketing is very important for you to sell more and more dogs. Let us know how the dog farming business can be marketed.
To market any business, you have to adopt two methods. Offline marketing and the other is an online marketing

Offline Marketing: In offline marketing, you can print a poster or pamphlet of your business name and distribute it in your vicinity or you can put these posters in the newspaper and reach them at home. By which people will come to know that dog business is being done in our area too, if they want a dog then they will definitely contact you.

Online Marketing: You can do marketing of dog breeding business very easily with the help of social media. in which you can adopt the following methods

The first way is Facebook, yes friends, through Facebook, you can very easily do marketing as well as sales. First, you have to create a Facebook page. In which you have to regularly post related to your dog. Due to this gradually people will start getting to know you and then they will also contact you to buy a dog.

Similarly, you can create a page on Instagram and regularly post different types of dogs. Along with this, you will also have to make dog reels because nowadays Instagram is promoting reels a lot. If you put your dog by making regular reels, then gradually your followers will start increasing and one day it will come that you will be able to generate very good sales from Instagram too.

In this way, you can increase the sales of your business by marketing dog business online or offline.


In this way, you can earn very good profits by starting a dog breeding business very easily. We hope that you have liked the article written by us. If you have any questions related to this article, then definitely tell me in the comment box.

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