Start Animal feed business in 2022, will earn lakhs every month

Animal feed business, how to start a animal feed business, method, banana recipe, cost, animal feed manufacturing business, animal feed industry Animal husbandry is done on a large scale in India, in order to increase the milk capacity of the animals, they need to be given nutritious food and cattle feed. . In such a … Read more

How to start a juice business | Best juice business idea

juice business- The demand for juice is very high during summers but it is not so. The juice shops run only in summer because different types of fruits keep on coming according to the season, so their demand remains throughout the year. If you want to start a good business on a low budget, then … Read more

Cow dung business- the business of making cow dung incense sticks, every month will get good earning

Cow dung business- The importance of cows in the Hindu religion is very much. The importance of the cow in Hinduism is also for spiritual, religious medicinal purposes. In other countries, the importance of cows is not as much as in India. The cow is an animal whose everything is useful in human life. Similarly, … Read more

Tea leaf business – Start the most successful small business today, there will be bumper earnings in small investment

Start tea leaf business – Tea is a beverage that every Indian craves. It is believed in research that 90% of Indians drink tea at least twice a day. It is said that people can get rid of fatigue by drinking tea. That’s why most people drink a cup of tea after going home from … Read more

bee keeping business idea: start this business in just 20 thousand rupees, every month will earn more than 1 lakh

How to start bee keeping business, right time for bee keeping, selection of bee species, profit cost bee keeping business idea : Earlier in India, bee keeping was done in high-altitude states. But in today’s time, bee keeping is being done in many states. Because this is such a business. Due to this more profit … Read more

How to do cashew business | best Cashew business can earn millions in 2022

cashew business- Friends, seeing the increasing demand for cashew nuts, starting its business can prove to be very profitable. Because cashew is a dry foot, inside which vitamins, proteins, and minerals are in abundance. Which is very important for our body. Due to this, the demand for cashew is increasing. Friends, let us tell you … Read more

Wooden Furniture Business | Full Information Furniture business 2022

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How to a start marble and tiles business Full Information 2022

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kulhad making business- How to start a business of making kulhad

kulhad making business – In our country, pottery made of clay is being used since ancient times. Earlier people used earthen pots for their daily use. But as technology progressed, so did people stop using earthen pots. In its place, people started using plastic, glass, and still which are harmful to our body. But as … Read more

pearl farming business Ideas | how to cultivate pearl business

pearl farming business, pearl farming business, how to do pearl farming, cost, benefits in pearl farming, training to cultivate a pearl You can earn very good profits by starting pearl farming business ie pearl farming. You can do this business like other business like fish farming business. Because in the way fish farming business requires … Read more