bee keeping business idea: start this business in just 20 thousand rupees, every month will earn more than 1 lakh

How to start bee keeping business, right time for bee keeping, selection of bee species, profit cost

bee keeping business idea : Earlier in India, bee keeping was done in high-altitude states. But in today’s time, bee keeping is being done in many states. Because this is such a business. Due to this more profit can be earned in very less expenditure. Therefore bee keeping is being done as a business in many places in today’s time.

The demand for honey produced by bees is very high in today’s time. Because you also know very well that honey is used in making many types of medicines. Apart from this, honey is used in every household to improve our health. Seeing the increasing demand for honey, good profit can be earned by taking out the production of honey by rearing bees.

If you also want to get complete information about how to do bee keeping, then stay with us till the end.
In today’s article, how to start bee keeping business, complete information about what will be required to start bee keeping will be explained in detail.

history of bee keeping

The process of bee keeping is going on since ancient times.
In the olden days, bees were found only in forests or hilly areas. From which a very small amount of honey could be extracted. Even today, honey is extracted using old technology in many places. In which the bees are waiting to leave the hive or they are blown away by smoke. And then honey is extracted by squeezing the hive or heating it with fire. Then it is filtered with the help of a cloth.

Honey is obtained by this process. But that honey is not clean, dust and soil get mixed in it. Due to which its good price is not available in the market. In this process, when the bee is blown away, she leaves her hive forever. And then at that place, she did not make her hive back. Due to this honey was obtained only once from one place. But in today’s time, a lot of honey can be extracted using modern technology. Due to this a lot of profit can also be earned.

species of bee

Five types of bees are mostly used for this business.

Apis mellifera: European or Italian bee is widely reared in our country. From a bee of this species, 25 kg to 40 kg of honey can be obtained at a time. Such bees can also be reared in boxes.

Apis pluria: The bees of this species are small. From which about 250 grams to 1 kg of honey is obtained at a time. These types of bees make small hives. Which are usually seen hanging on the trees.

Tetragonula eridipenis: This bee gives very little honey. Only 100 grams of honey can be obtained from such a bee at a time.

Apis indica: This bee produces 2 kg of honey at a time, this species of bee is also called the Satkochawa bee. Because 7 honeycombs are formed together on this tree or wall, you can also keep them on the patio.

Apis dorsata: The highest amount of honey can be obtained from bees of this species. From these bees, 30 to 50 kg of honey can be extracted at a time. But such bees are very dangerous. Therefore they cannot be followed. Their honey can be obtained only from the forests.

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types of bees found in a hive

Three types of bees are found in a beehive

Queen Bee: The queen bee lays the eggs and other bees do the work of protecting these eggs.

Worker Bees: The number of worker bees is highest in the hive. There are many parallel stripes on their stomach. Honey is deposited by these bees only.

Male Bee: The job of this bee is to conceive only the queen. Apart from this, it does not have to do any other work. This bee eats the honey deposited in the hive. The male bee appears larger than the worker bee and smaller than the queen bee.

how to start bee keeping

Let’s know friends how to start beekeeping. First of all, you will need open space for keeping bees. Where the bee can be kept safe. You have to choose the place in such a way that 150 to 200 bee daughters can be kept in it. For which you will need at least two to two and a half thousand square fit space.
If you want to start on a small scale, then you will need less space, which you can choose according to your own.

After selecting the place, you have to select the breed of a bee. You have to select a bee that produces honey in large quantities.

A box of bees is available for about ₹ 4000, in which around three hundred bees come. After selecting the bees, you also need to gather some equipment. Equipment like removing machines, knives, drums, gloves, etc. have to be arranged to protect the hands.

Get training or experience to start bee keeping

Before starting a bee keeping business, you should get technical knowledge and experience. So that you do not have to face any problems in starting beekeeping. To gain experience, you can get experience by working with a person who is already doing this business in your local area for a few months.

And if you want to get training for beekeeping, then for that you have to contact your nearest Agriculture Department or Agricultural University.
From there you will get information about beekeeping training.

place for bee keeping

Friends, first of all you have to choose such an open place to start beekeeping. Where there is a good environment and trees and plants around. Apart from this, it is necessary to have a happy place for beekeeping. But you also have to keep in mind that the place you are choosing should have a sufficient amount of water.

Select bee species for bee keeping

After selecting the site, your next step should be to choose the breed of the bee. By the way, many species of bees are found in our country. But you have to choose a breed which produces honey in high quantity. Apis mellifera is one of the highest-producing species of honey. About 70 to 80 kg of honey can be extracted from a box of bees of these species.
Bees of Apis mellifera species must be included in their business. Because it is the highest honey and egg-laying species. By adopting which you can make good profits.

Equipment needed for bee keeping business

Different geographical conditions require different equipment. That’s why you can find out which tool is right for you with the bee keeper in your local area. Some of which we have described below.

  • queen gate
  • hive gate
  • smoker
  • Honey Extractor
  • Pollen trap
  • B Boxes
  • b wax shit
  • Thick and Thin Bee Keeping Brush
  • clean rearing insect
  • bee venom collector
  • Royal Jelly Production and Extension Pest
  • propolis stipe

The right time to start bee keeping

November to January is considered a good time to start beekeeping. You should arrange all the things in the beekeeping farm ahead of time. After that, when the time comes, start beekeeping immediately. But you have to keep in mind that beekeeping has to be done at the same place. Where there is more amount of greenery and trees. This will make it easier for bees to collect honey.

bee keeping process

Beekeeping should be done between November to January. For beekeeping, first of all, place the bee boxes at the place you have chosen for beekeeping. But remember that the boxes should be at least 6 inches high from the ground. So that he can escape from the ravages of the weather.
There is a mesh inside those boxes where the bees make honey. If honey comes in small quantities in the boxes, then you can boil sugar in it and add it, which will improve the quality of honey.

divide the bee family

It is very important to divide the bee family. Because the number of bees increases in good weather. Due to this, she is not able to come inside the boxes and she can leave the boxes and run away.

For division, keep an empty box near the parent family, containing 50% of the brood, honey, and pollen in the frame and the queen frame in the new box. If the queen bee is in the new box, that’s fine. Otherwise, other bees will make themselves queen bees. Keep these two boxes away from each other every day and in this way, a new box will be formed.

How to move bee boxes from one place to another

There are many beekeepers who take their boxes from one place to another due to weather or for any other reason. If you also want to take your boxes from one place to another, then you have to keep the following things in mind.

  • Decide in advance the location of the place where you want to take the boxes.
  • If there is more honey in the honeycomb, then take it out and then peck the box with a fine keel.
  • Make sure to put an iron net at the entrance of the box so that the bees cannot come out.
  • Keep the box in the direction of the length of the car and keep in mind that those boxes in the car should be jerked at least so that there is no damage to the hive.
  • While carrying the box in summer, sprinkle water on it and take it as far as possible from one place to another during the night during the summer season.
  • Keep the box at a distance of 7 to 10 feet in the new place and keep in mind that the face of the box should be towards east-west.

process of extracting honey from beehives

Honey is extracted from the beehives after every 5 to 6 days. Or if the hive is completely filled with honey, then you have to understand that the time has come to extract your honey. Many people extract honey with their own hands. But you do not have to do this, taking care of your safety, you do not have to extract honey from a machine called a honey extractor.

When the bees are not in the box, then with the help of a knife, you have to carefully take out the beehive. After that you will see small boxes in the machine, these honeycombs have to be deposited in those boxes. And then the machine has to be turned on. In this way, honey will come out very easily and then that honey is put in a drum and kept at a certain temperature for 24 hours. And then that honey becomes usable, you can earn profit by selling it in the market.

Protect bees from kit and disease

If you want to get more production of honey, then you should take care of the safety of the bees from time to time. In beekeeping, there are usually insects like moths, ants, wasps, wax beetles, birds, parasitic mites, varroa destroyers, bee mites, etc.
And if we talk about the diseases found in beekeeping, then there are diseases like Nausema disease, American foulbrood disease, Thai sec brood virus, stone brood disease, chalkbrood disease, etc. For the control of all these diseases and pests, you can go to the nearest agriculture department. can contact.

cost of the bee keeping business

Beekeeping business can be done both on a small and big scale. If you are starting it with training and experience then you can start on a big scale. But if you are starting with no experience and training then you should start small.
Because if you are starting this business on a large scale without experience and training, then you can suffer a huge loss. That’s why you should start from a small level first.

To get started on a small scale, you can start by buying five boxes of bees. In which the cost of 5 boxes will come up to ₹ 25000 and including other expenses, you will need 50 thousand rupees to start at a small level.

And the same if you want to start on a large scale, then you will need at least 3 to 4 lakh rupees.

Let us tell you that the number of bees keeps increasing every year. If you are starting with 5 boxes, you will get 15 to 20 boxes of bees from these boxes next year.

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profit in the bee keeping business

Profits can be earned very high in the bee keeping business.

About 40 to 50 kg of honey can be extracted from 1 box of bees at a time.
If you start with 10 boxes, you can extract about 500 liters of honey at a time. If we talk about the market price, then the price of honey is around 100 to 150 kg. Accordingly, you can earn a profit of 80 thousand to 1 lakh rupees a month. The most important thing about this business is that the number of bees keeps increasing every month. Due to this your profit also increases and in this way you can earn more profit from bees.

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