History of Air India – How Best Tata Airlines became Air India?

History of Air India – Friends, we are all well aware of the name of Air India Company. Air India was started by Tata at some point in time and later became a government airline company Air India. After about 68 years, AirIndia went to the Tata Group. The government sold it back to Air India due to financial failure, where Tata had made the highest bid of Rs 18 thousand crore to buy it.

Friends, everyone is eager to know about Air India, do you have some information about that company. that when did it start? And its journey so far. if not! Even then it does not matter because today we are going to tell you the history of Air India. In today’s article, we will tell the story and history of AirIndia from its inception till now. So let’s know what is the history of AirIndia?

History of Air India

First of all talk about the birth of Air India, then AirIndia was started in April 1932 (Foundation of Air India/Tata Airlines). Air India was founded by industrialist JRD Tata and for this reason, the name of this company was not Air India but Tata Airlines.

However, when JRD Tata flew the airplane for the first time, he was only 15 years old and this time was in the year 1919. After which, Tata also took a pilot’s license. It was only then that he made up his mind to work in the field of airlines. AirIndia’s first commercial flight was on 15 October. During this time Tata Airlines had a single-engine Heavyland Pass Moth airplane and this ship traveled from Ahmedabad to Karachi and then from here to Mumbai. But you will also be surprised to know that 25 kg letters were sent as passengers on this journey.

In fact, Britain’s princely aircraft carrier was Imperial Airways during that time and the letters were brought from London to Karachi, the work of carrying these letters was done by Tata Airlines. Due to this, the first business year for Tata Airlines happened only in 1933.

The name of Tata Airlines grew very fast and due to this, 1 lakh 60 thousand mills were flown by Tata Airlines during a year. Tata raised this company for 2 lakhs and in one year Tata Airlines did the work of delivering 155 passengers as well as more than 11 tons of mail. In view of its work, the work of delivering regular mail was started by Tata Airlines.

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At that time, Tata Airlines was allowed only four annas for a letter. Even the government which was ruling the country at that time did not provide any financial help to JRD Tata.

On 15 October 1962, when the 30th anniversary of AirIndia was being celebrated, the plane was flown by JRD Tata and it was traveling from Karachi to Mumbai. Not only this, JRD Tata also flew the airplane from Karachi to Mumbai on the 50th anniversary of Air India.

Tata Airlines used to operate from a mud house:

When Tata Airlines was started, during that time it was operated from a mud house located near the Juhu area of ​​Mumbai. There was only one ground at that time which was used by Tata Airlines planes as a runway. Even when the rainy season came, this ground also used to fill with water, and the planes used to face problems.

At that time, Tata Airlines used to have 2 small single-engine ships and two pilots and three mechanics were also there to fly them. When the ground was filled with water, the airlines used to operate from Poona.

Journey of Air India from Private Company to Government Company:

This was the time when India was again engaged in starting airlines after the Second World War in India. During this time, the name of Tata Airlines was changed to Air India (Tata Airlines to Air India) when continuous airlines service started and at the same time it was made from private to government company. When the country got independence from the British in the year 1947, the government also needed a national airline and Air India was the best option for them at this time.

Therefore, 49 percent stake was acquired by the Government of India in AirIndia. Not only this, when an Air Corporation Act was brought by the Government of India during the year 1953, he further increased his stake in this company from the Tata Group and thus Air India became a government airline company. However, now AirIndia is going to go back to Tata.

Air India Logo :

The logo of this airline is a red colored flying swan. Along with this, you will also see the Konark Chakra of orange color in this logo. The special identity of Air India is its mascot ‘Maharaja’, which was first seen in the year 1946.

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