1 Best Jack Ma biography

Jack Ma biography

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about a Jack Ma biography. Who was not only from a poor family but also struggled even after failing many times in life?

And while creating the history of success, today this person has become the second richest person in Asia.

Yes, friends, the name of this person is Jack Ma.
He is the owner of the world’s largest e-commerce website “Ali Baba.com”.

Jack Ma was very weak in studies and writing, his mind was not even in studies. Nevertheless, he is one of the most successful and richest human beings in the world today.

How could this happen? Was it the treasure of the night? , Or some Aladdin’s lamp was found.

No friends it is not like that at all.
The heights of success on which this person is today have been possible only because of his own hard work and his incapable of giving up.

So let’s try to learn something new by knowing about the life struggles and successes of Jack Ma today and getting inspired by them.

Jack Ma biography

Jack Ma was born on October 15, 1964, in a small village “Janjau” in China in a splinter poor family.

Jack Ma had an older brother and a younger sister.

In 1972, President Nixon came to his city, and his city became famous.

To strengthen the economy of that city, the President got much more development works done there.

Due to this many wonderful and unique things were made in that city.

And on seeing that place also became a tourist place.

Jack Ma was very fond of learning English. He used to feel very much that he should also talk to anyone in English.

That’s why he started guiding the tourist about that place for free with his broken English.

Due to this, he also used to practice speaking in English.

Due to this Jack Ma’s English improved a lot.

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Jack’s mother’s name was earlier in Chinese, due to which it was difficult for tourists to take her name.

Due to which his nickname Jack was kept by an American tourist friend of his.

Since then everyone started knowing him by this name.

After this, in 1988, Jack Ma completed his graduation from the least prestigious university in his city.

After this, he gave interviews for jobs 30 times at different places. In which Jack Ma was rejected. That is, every time he got disappointment.

First of all, jack ma applied for police recruitment, but due to his physical shortcomings, he was not selected.

After this, when a new franchise of KFC was opened for the first time in the city of Jack Ma, 23 people including Jack Ma applied for jobs in KFC.

But unfortunately, here the remaining 23 people were selected for the job in KFC but jack ma was not selected.

This shows how many stumbling blocks Jack Ma took in making his early career.

Due to all these disappointments, Jack Ma still did not lose his courage. Jack Ma did not give up.

Due to which he tried for the job of an English teacher at a local university.

Due to good English, finally, in 1988, Jack Ma got a job as an English teacher at a local university in the city on a monthly salary of $ 12.

After this, when he went to the US for the first time in 1995, he heard about the Internet for the first time there.

After understanding the Internet a little, Jack was very much impressed.

After this Jack’s friend asked Jack to search for anything on the internet.

Then Jack searched for the word beer i.e. bear. Jack got a lot of information related to the bear.

Jack was very happy to see this.

After this Jack Ma searched about China, then he could not find any information related to China and China on the Internet.

Jack ma was very disappointed to see this. Then he thought that I would make such a website in which I would keep putting important information about China. And the world will be able to get information about China.

Not only this, but friends Jack also thought that he would connect every middle-class business in his country to the Internet.

After this Jack Ma went back to his country China with his revolutionary ideas. And together with his friend, he opened a website called China Pages.

His job was to create a website for the rest of the middle-class business so that they could sell their products online.

But after no investment, this plan failed before becoming successful.

But like every time, jack ma did not give up this time too.

And after a few years, together with his 17 friends and wife, opened a new website with full passion.

Whose name was Alibaba.com. Yes, friends, this is the same website that has become the world’s largest e-commerce website today.

Jack ma ended the concept of the middle man by creating this site. And now experts could sell their goods directly through this website. And customers could now buy it directly.

For the first 3 years, he earned very little money from this site.

But in October 1999, Jack Ma received $5 million from Goldman Sec and $20 million from SoftBank.
Seeing the growing fame of Alibaba.

In 2005, Yahoo invested $1 billion, buying 40% of Ali Baba’s shares.

And friends, this was a big success for Alibaba. And for Yahoo, it proved to be a very profitable investment.

After this jack ma never looked back and went on to achieve new heights of success.

Alibaba went public on 19 September 2014.
That is, now everyone could buy shares of Alibaba.

And you will not believe that this first IPO of Alibaba became the largest IPO investment in the world.

Jack ma biography

Seeing this, Jack Ma said that today we have not got this people’s money but their trust.

We will always maintain this trust of the people.

After this Jake Ma became the richest man in China.

Whose net worth today is $25 billion. That is, the second richest person in Asia.

What did we learn from Jack ma biography?

So see guys. How Jack Ma came out of a poor family and faced all the difficulties of life
Created a history of success.

Do you know why and how he was able to do this. The answer is. High spirits. Because of which he did not give up, no matter what the situation was.

He was always trying new things.

Friends, troubles, troubles come in everyone’s life.

From Jack Ma’s success and life struggle, we get the same lesson that success can only happen where he keeps on moving forward without giving up.

So friends, what did you get to learn in jack ma biography. I hope you must have got a lot of inspiration from jack ma life.

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